Drone catches Hot Fuzz-style police chase over garden fences


Police have released drone footage of a suspected burglar desperately fleeing police by jumping over people’s garden fences.

The 24-year-old man can be seen from the skies trying to evade what looks to be around half a dozen officers after bursting out of a house on Frinton Road in Aspley, Nottingham, last Monday.

He can be seen weaving through gardens and hopping over fences during the thrilling two-and-a-half minute pursuit before he eventually surrenders exhausted as one of the constables catches up to him.

Nottinghamshire Police arrested the man on suspicion of three burglaries said to have been committed between May 2 and May 18 this year.

Detective Inspector Kayne Rukas said: ‘A fantastic combined effort from our response officers, drone team and intelligence unit led to us locating and detaining a man who we are now questioning in connection with a report of burglary.

‘A 30-year-old woman was also arrested on suspicion of obstructing a police officer, she remains in police custody for questioning.’

Social media users mocked the Hot Fuzz-style fence-hopper, while others compared his getaway attempt to the iconic chase scene in 1980s film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Writing on Facebook, Andy Brown said: ‘That footage is crying out for the Benny Hill chase music! Opportunity missed I feel.’

Grace Hogan added: ‘Fair play to him though, he’s clearly very fit. Should ditch crime and take up hurdling for a living.

‘Reminds me of the brilliant chase scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when he’s trying to outrun his sister to get home in time.’